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Serving Good Food to Employees Acts As Fuel for the Business Growth
About our company

Our History

Gupta Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. is an established name in the catering segment of the Hospitality Industry. We render our services happily to more than 20000 people in a day. We are an ISO 22000:2005 certified company and offer our services for Corporate Cafeteria Management, Industrial Canteen, Packed Food Supply and also has a QSR by the nameGupta’s Rasoiwhich allows us to cater to all our retail customers with ease.

We are one of the pioneers and have been in this Industry for more than 2 decades. Our philosophy is to provide quality services to our esteemed customers. We accomplish our task through PDCA cycle (Plan, DO, Check and Act).

Blended Methodology

Our Infrastructure

  • State of Art Kitchen
  • Harnessing Natural Light
  • Two sides Open Kitchen
  • Use of Clean Fuel-PNG (Natural Gas)
  • Maintaining Ambient Air Quality
  • Recycling of Water
  • Segregation of waste on 3R Principles
  • EHS Compliant
  • Huge Capacity
  • Centrally Located at appropriate area
EHS Compliance

We comply with the EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) norms. This is our small effort towards protection to environment along with the safety and health of our team members.


Technology Kitchen

  • Use of Technology in Food Preparation
  • Minimum Human Touch
  • Human Comfort &Hygiene in food Preparation
  • Air Cooled/ Controlled Air

Combi Oven

Combi Oven with 5 sense technology self cooking centre. In one single run, it can cook 320 kgs of raw vegetables, non-veg and rice. Apart from this, cooking is very uniform and innovative.

  • Uses 36% less water than conventional combis.

  • Contact less cooking - minimal human intervention (meets FSMS requirement over quality)

  • Methods like steam & hot air protect the loss of minerals & vitamins

  • 4 cooking modes :-

    • Steaming - Low and high temperature steaming

    • Convection cooking - Dry heat with active humidity reduction

    • Combination cooking - Dry + moist heat with manual or automatic humidity control

    • Rethermalizing - combination cooking with banqueting programs

Cold Storage Room

The fact that these cold rooms are mainly meant for storing foods calls for the importance of its cleanliness. The stainless steel coating makes it easy for the user to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of this unit.

  • Our cold storage room is able to operate continuously.

  • Uses the minimum amount of energy.

  • Easy Cleaning - Better Hygiene

  • Temperature can be adjusted according to the requirements that helps to keep the food items fresh.

  • Several small sized Trays or Pans can be inserted, making it easy to store different types of food in the cold room in one go.

Rice Boiler

Rice boilers enables operators to reduce both labor and overall operating costs and eliminates the need for kitchen staff to lift heavy stock pots – all in a reduced footprint.A Rice boiler is used to quickly and efficiently cook menu items such as shellfish, rice and vegetables, boilers are reliable and easy-to-use.New commercial rice boilers offerings are reducing the amount of water used to as little as 4.29 gallons of water/hour. These new units reduce water usage by 90%.

  • Helps us to maintain excellent quality standards.

  • It has easy and safe operations.

  • Energy efficient design of boiler provides unique feature of saving the energy.

  • Provides the best quality and good quantity of food in a less period of time.

  • Less unused steam wasted down the drain.


Dumbwaiter is used to transport goods or packages between floors of a building. At the base of a dumbwaiter, a powerful motor drives the car up and down the shaft.

  • We have chosen a size, that can accomodate every type of commercial tray, that staff may use.

  • We have opted a weight limit that suits our operations perfectly.

  • Components we are using in the Dumbwaiter are of good quality that makes it releiable and durable.


A Bratt Pan is a verstile equipment, which can perform upto eight cooking functions : braising, boiling, steaming, poaching, stewing, roasting, deep-fat frying and shallow frying. Due to its size, it is primarily used for commercial purposes only.

  • Large Capacity cooking.

  • Reduces cooking time.

  • Convenient Tilt design.

  • Maintains Flavour and Nutrients.

  • Multi Function

  • Easy to Clean and maintain

  • Bratt pans are often used either alongside or instead of Cooking Kettles.


Tilter is used for variety of purposes including simmering and braising. The main purpose it serves is to transfer food to serving pans. Its unique feature is its ability to tilt the braising pan forward to transfer food into storage containers or serving dishes.

  • Tilt design allows for more convenient transfer of foods to serving pans and storage containers

  • Maintains flavor and nutrients.

  • Reduces cooking time by more than 20%.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Large capacity allows for preparation of large amounts of food

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